Who we are

The company has been operating since May 2009. Our business activities include electronics, informatics, automation and mechanics, ie the entire area of mechatronics. We are an experienced few person team, where everyone does his job with dedication and professionalism.

Amongst us you will find:

  • a mechanic, for whom there is no such this as "can not be done". He's trying, testing, innovating in order to finally say - "it works"
  • an electrician who always finds the time and order "for today" will perform "yesterday"- this way he always has one day off:-D.
  • electrician, working between oscilloscopes, meters, generators. Best friend when someone breaks something. Only he will find the problem and fix what you need.
  • automatic and computer scientist in one person. Living in the world of bits, strings, frames or queries - however this is called. Always reaches what our mind desires.
  • sprocurement specialist, admired by all for coping with a child, work and personal life. Although the latter apparently does not exist. She keeps watch over all the documents, she always knows where to find them.

Our brand is build on the basis of such fundamental principles of business as:

  • High quality service

  • Reliability

  • Punctuality

  • Customer Satisfaction


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  • Kontakt

    Bohaterów Warszawy 11b
    70-370 Szczecin

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    e-mail: rogalpr@wp.pl
    e-mail: biuro@amper.szczecin.pl

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    telefon: 607 586 614